Riverhaven Alzheimer Care Unit

Riverhaven is a 14 bed secure unit that specializes in care and treatment of individuals with dementia related disorders including Alzheimer’s disease. The applicant or individual will meet one or more of the following criteria:


  • Wanders and is not able to recognize hazardous situations
  • Has unpredictable behavior. It may be aggressive, resistive or socially inappropriate.
  • Has a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s Disease or a related disorder where treatment and care in a secure environment would be beneficial.

Goals of Riverhaven:


  • To provide a secure area with programs that meet the individual needs of the residents
  • To develop programming that maximizes the physical and cognitive functioning of each individual especially focused on sleeping and eating habits and overall routines and schedules
  • To provide a protective, secure environment that minimizes the need for physical and chemical restraints
  • To provide support and education for family and staff
  • To provide a specially trained staff committed to the holistic care of the person with dementia

Riverhaven Staff Includes


  • Licensed RN or LPN
  • Trained Medication Aide
  • Nursing Assistant/Registered
  • Social Worker
  • Chaplain
  • Therapeutic Recreation Assistant
  • Ward Clerk
  • Housekeeper

All Staff members who work in the unit will have a minimum of eight hours of special training using the curriculum developed by the Alzheimer’s Association. In addition, regular staff meetings will offer on-going education and provide a support system for the employees in the unit.

The Riverhaven unit seeks to enhance the physical, spiritual and intellectual life of the residents who live within. We believe that every resident deserves a safe environment that minimizes the use of medication and allows for freedom of movement. We strive to provide compassionate care while recognizing and building upon personal strengths which enhance self-esteem and dignity in a Christian environment.

Riverhaven also provides a secure and therapeutic courtyard which residents can enjoy in the summer.

For more information about life at Riverhaven please contact:


Social Services  (507) 723-3200