Hospice is a concept of care that provides comfort and support for terminally ill people of any age and their families. Hospice affirms living life to the fullest and emphasizes symptom and pain control, as well as, comfort and support for the people living with a terminal illness.

St. John Lutheran Home provides two rooms specifically designed for Hospice care. While in Hospice the client’s doctor, hospice nurse and St. John Lutheran home staff, including our Chaplain look for the best way to meet the physical, spiritual and psycho-social needs of the client and family.

Hospice Service at St. John Lutheran Home is provided through 3 Hospice Services; Redwood Area Hospital Hospice, New Ulm Hospice and Compassionate Care Hospice. Our Social Workers are available to assist families in reviewing the Hospice options if necessary.

Through a generous donation to our Foundation we were able to update one of our Hospice Rooms.


Hospice room couches

Hospice room

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Hospice room appliances

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