Chapel of the Good Shepherd

Worship Services are held Tuesdays at 10:00 a.m.

Services are on a rotating basis by the ministers in the area.

1st Tuesday ~ United Methodist Church ~ Pastor Josh Doughty

2nd Tuesday ~ St. John Lutheran Church ~ Pastor Julie Smith

3rd Tuesday ~ St. Paul Lutheran Church ~ Pastor Tricia Mattson

4th Tuesday ~ Zion Lutheran Church ~ Pastor Dave Fretham

5th Tuesday ~ New Hope Lutheran Church ~Inside of Chapel

Catholic Mass Services are held on Wednesdays at 10:00 am

Services are led by St. Raphael’s Catholic Church, Father Phil Schotzko


Ecumenical Sunday Services are held at 10:00 am and are subject to change.

Services are led by St. John’s Circle of Care Chaplain, Noel Wetter


Visitors and family are welcome to join the services

 The chapel is available to be used for visitations and funerals for residents

Families of residents may use the chapel for special functions.

Please contact Chaplain Noel Wetter for details 507-723-3226