Vista Ridge Memory Care Suites

As part of our commitment to a Circle of Care that addresses the broadest possible variety of needs for the Springfield area, St. John Lutheran Home now offers a Housing-with-Services option for individuals above 55 years of age who need enhanced supervision and assistance because of Memory Loss, Dementia or Alzheimer’s disease.

Vista Ridge offers 7 roomy studio apartments, each with a private bathroom. Tenants have a private home with their personal furnishings. Staff Members support maximum independence is a setting that values personal dignity and privacy. The Suites at Vista Ridge are appropriate for individuals who, because of memory loss diagnoses, need enhanced guidance and assistance, but do not require the specialized medical care of a Skilled Nursing Facility.

We welcome family involvement as we learn about each tenant’s preferences and needs. Specially trained Staff Members quickly become familiar friends who share meaningful experiences with individual Tenants each day. Each Tenant is empowered to be as independent as possible in an environment where safety and appropriate levels of assistance are part of a normal routine.

Experienced RN’s assess Tenants’ needs, plan individualized care with Tenants and their significant others, and supervise Unlicensed Staff. This promotes a holistic approach to caregiving. Staff Members offer personalized attention that responds to individual Tenant needs for activity and companionship. A familiar, structured routine offers a feeling of security and helps manage anxiety.

Successful Tenancy at Vista Ridge                                                                     

Individuals who live at Vista Ridge will have a demonstrated, documented, or diagnosed memory deficit that prevents them from living safely at home. They will be in need of the services offered routinely in the course of a day at Vista Ridge. Their individual needs may include, but are not limited to:

• Supervision or assistance to take medications properly,

• Reminders to eat or to drink enough fluids,

• Someone to cook, serve, and clear away foods,

• Supervision for wandering or redirection when confused,

• Assistance and reminders for bathing and other hygiene related needs,

• Assistance with choosing appropriate clothing or with dressing,

• Assistance with toileting or managing incontinence,

• Supportive assistance with social or group situations, or

• Reminders, reassurance, or redirection for completion of daily activities.

For additional information or to schedule a tour contact:  Erin Meine at 507-723-3250.

Vista Ridge Memory Care Suites
205 South County Road 5
Springfield, MN  56087